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Trapped in the middle of an ocean, experience that urge to jump when you go crazy with boredom. And don't forget to jump on the boat for fun.

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This is neither a game nor a simulator. This was me working with Unity Community trying to find a boat rocking effect. So the second level(with the text) was a quick basic ending, and I didn't put a quit button in either, sorry.

Old Text:

A small game built in two days, trying to get a boat rocking effect in Unity. This was not what I really wanted, but it was new so I decided to post it here.
Also a few hours ago there was more rocking to it, but physics went sort of, out of control, so here is the most polished rocking effect I could figure out for right now.

Install instructions

Un-zip the zip file. Pull out folder, open folder up, play game or pull out shortcut and then play game.

Mouse for looking around, wasd for movement, and spacebar for jumping.

Have fun- Tom Rich

Also you will have to quit yourself, no quit button on game, sorry for the inconvenience.


Survive in the Boat.zip 13 MB

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